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Criminal Law Services for Mission, BC

I am Dale G. R. Sands,B.A. (Crim), M.A. (Crim), J.D., a lawyer practising criminal law in Mission, British Columbia. Each year, over 22,000 criminal offences take place in the Fraser Valley Region. Although the charges range from minor to major, all parties deserve non-judgmental representation in order for their rights to be respected, protected, and restored.

Criminal Law Representation in Mission, BC
As a lawyer representing clients with criminal charges for over 25 years, I can provide you with the advice and representation to ensure your rights are protected and each option is available to you. It is your right as a Canadian citizen to receive proper counsel and a fair trial.

I invite you to call my office to discuss the details of your case.

Understanding Your Legal Rights
To further understand your legal rights under British Columbia law, I recommend reading JusticeBC’s section on Your Rights.

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